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Metropool has also joined in on the advantages of ClubStorage. In September, the wardrobe disappeared completely and has been replaced by lockers which visitors can use to store their own belongings. „At times, people had to wait in the rain beforehand, or they had to wait too long for their coats afterwards. You don’t want visitors going home miserable.” De Jong admits that the lockers do have a slightly impersonal feel to them. „We resolved this by having staff welcome visitors upon arrival.” The choice of lockers also ensures that fewer volunteers are needed. „They’re just very hard to come by at the moment”, explains De Jong. „There’s a high demand for catering staff, which makes it easy to find work. Fortunately, we still have a team of some two hundred volunteers, but the lockers take the pressure off a bit.”

About the location:

Metropool is a pop and cultural podium located in the centre of Hengelo. The venue hosts a range of cultural and musical performances each week.
Capacity: 1500
Number of lockers: 600

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